While Makeup Artists and Hairstylists are plentiful, how can you separate the experienced from the inexperienced? Here are some things to consider when you are seeking a makeup artist/hairstylist for your wedding:

1) First and foremost, do they hold a valid license or certificate? Anyone can be talented at hair or makeup but do they possess the knowledge behind the science of skin and hair. Understanding this will help them use the right techniques and tools to create a flawless and lasting look.

2) Sometimes experience just isn’t enough. It’s all about quality not quantity. What KIND of experience does the makeup artist have? Do they understand how to apply HD makeup so that the bride is camera ready and picture perfect?

3) While  shopping online, look at an artist’s portfolio. Make sure to look at both raw photos and edited photos if you can. If you like what you see, and if the price is right, book a trial with them!

4) Things to consider: Are they mobile or in a salon? Can they cater to specific hair or skin needs? Can they cater to your style or ethics? Do you feel comfortable with this person? Do you feel secure in their knowledge and skill? Etc.

Why a trial? To figure out if the artist/hairstylist and their work is a good fit for you, and to make sure they will hit the mark rather than wasting time on your wedding day trying to get it right. Because amazing makeup artists and hairstylists book up quickly, we recommend booking your trial as early as a year in advance to avoid any disappointments.

It’s best to set up a trial on a day that you have an event in order to see the longevity of the makeup and hair and to see how the makeup products will react to your skin.

We recommend wearing a white shirt to your trial to help understand how your makeup will look with a white (or off white) dress. Any shirt of a different colour may throw it off the colour of the makeup.

Bring all the accessories you will be wearing including hair pieces and veil. Bring a photo of your dress.

Bring a friend for a second opinion but do understand that a true professional is trained to know what will suit you best. This is why you are doing a trial with them- to seek out professional opinion. DO NOT BRING YOUR FIANCEE!

Listen to your makeup artist/stylist to know why they are using the procedures that they are or the colour schemes that they are, etc. Alternately, the makeup artist/stylist should listen to your needs as well. Input should be a team effort.

Your artist/stylist should create a few looks as you’re trying to find the best suitable look for you. The makeup application should be a full face and not half face.

Hygiene and sanitization is IMPORTANT! Look at their kits and their tools. If you see something that you won’t feel comfortable having on your face or on your hair, don’t be afraid to say no and back out. Are they double dipping? Putting bobby pins in their mouths? Are they sanitizing in between brush use, etc.

Take a photo of your makeup and hair or ask the artist/hairstylist to take it for you and email it to you.

Once you feel comfortable with everything, secure your date!




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